Physioactive has responded to the need of people who need to exercise but cant due to self isolating or staying home, with the introduction of Online Pilates.

Online Pilates allows you to;

  • Exercise in the Safety of your home
  • Continue with your Pilates program
  • Get the benefits of exercise
  • Exercise to help reduce STRESS
  • Have our experienced Physio's guide you through your Pilates

How does Online Physiotherapy work?

One of our existing Physio instructors (Rach, Penny, Jess, Brad, Liam and Lucy), will be going 'live' in a Matt based Pilates class. You will be able to follow the instructor with all the exercises by watching a live stream through your computer or mobile device. You will have the option to hide/show your camera for the instructor or others in the class to view. If you have a microphone with your device you will also be able to talk to the Physio and others in the class!