How does the Private Reformer room work?

The Injury Hub has dedicated one of its room for unsupervised individual reformer exercises. This enables participants who previously performed our group reformer classes the ability to continue their reformer program in their own time and private space.
The room is for one person only, making it private, clean and safe.

What do I need?

The room has all the equipment you need including;

  • Reformer
  • Matt
  • Gym Ball
  • Hand Washing facilities and disinfectant products.
  • Just bring yourself and any devices to listen to music (if you wish!)

What do I need to do?

Call our friendly admin staff on 8522 4232 to purchase your sessions and book into a time slot. Time slots are 30 mins. If you have not attended one of our Pilates classes in the past 12 months, you will be required to have an introduction to reformer exercises. This will be via face to face assessment with one of our physiotherapists. Please note your physiotherapist will need to make sure you are safe using the reformer independently before allowing to start using the room independently.

How much does it cost?

Sessions can be purchased in a block of 5 for $55 or 10 for $100. Private health rebates currently do not apply. This is a discounted rate of 50% due to COVID-19.

When is it available?

Good news is, the room is available all day with normal clinic hours. Just call our friendly admin staff to make a booking or if you any further queries.